Welcome to Cambridge University Alt. Protein Society!

We are a society dedicated to the rapidly developing field of alternative proteins – Alt. Proteins for short. Our society aims to raise awareness of Alt. Proteins in the Cambridge community, and facilitate networking opportunities with global leaders in this field.

The society was founded in 2019 as Cellular Agriculture Cambridge University – and in 2021 we expanded to cover alternative protein solutions as a whole, encompassing topics such as Plant-based Meat, Fermentation technologies and of course, Cellular Agriculture. All of these technologies together will be needed to realise our goal of revolutionising the current food system.

Please see some links below for further information regarding our fields, and helpful external resources.


We have a senior committee and an Events & Outreach committee. Meet the senior committee below, and all members on the committee page

Will Saunter
Stem Cell Scientist at Animal Alternative Technologies | Co-Founder at Cambridge University Alt. Protein Society
Lisa Neidhardt
VP & Head of Research Landscape Mapping Project
PhD student and Gates Scholar at University of Cambridge
Oskar Batty
Student at University of Cambridge, Biochemistry BSc
Matthew Mulcahy
Secretary & Head of Outreach
MEng Chemical Engineering Student at the University of Cambridge
Harrison Mitchell

Natural Sciences student at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Physics