Alternative Protein Fundamentals Programme – Facilitators

Experienced in the field of alternative proteins? 

We’re delighted to announce that we have received over 250
applications for the Alternative Protein Fundamentals Programme! In order to
accept as many of these as possible we need more facilitators.

This is a great opportunity to inspire the next generation
of alt. protein pioneers! We anticipate that this programme will also provide
fantastic networking and collaboration opportunities for facilitators.

Expectations for Facilitators:

  • Excited and knowledgeable about alternative proteins
  • Already familiar with a good portion (50%+) of the
    readings/concepts in the curriculum (see links on right), and able to summarise those concepts to participants
  • Willing and able to put in ~4 hours per week total for 8
    weeks from 31st Jan-27th March, including: reading and preparing for each
    session, having at least 1x 1-1 with each participant in their cohort over the
    duration of the programme (a template will be provided), and to facilitate
    discussions for 1.5 hours per week

Previous discussion facilitation is desirable, but not required. We will provide training for this and a weekly guide with discussion prompts.

Facilitators will be offered a stipend of £640 (~US$850) for
their work contributing to this programme. 

Unfortunately, applications are now closed.