Imagine lab-grown meat.

That’s Cell Ag.

Welcome to Cellular Agriculture Cambridge University! We are a society dedicated to the rapidly developing field of Cellular Agriculture, or Cell Ag for short.

Growing meat in a lab is no longer the stuff of science-fiction, it’s now just science. But Cell Ag isn’t just about meat, it’s any agricultural product that can be produced by culturing cells in the right way. There are Cell Ag companies dedicated to leather and dairy products too!

There are countless reasons why Cell Ag is absolutely amazing. Lower environmental impact, antibiotic use and animal suffering are just a few. Find out more on the About Cell Ag page.

Our society aims to raise awareness of Cellular Agriculture in the Cambridge community and facilitate networking opportunities with global leaders in this field. Founded in 2019, we are one of the first University societies in the world focusing on Cellular Agriculture.


By revolutionising the way we harvest real animal products we can envisage a sustainable food future without relying on mass changes in consumer behaviour




Meet the team

We have senior and a general committee. Meet the senior committee below and see the full committee on the committee page.

Will Saunter
Co-Founder, President
Ilya Carey
Vice-President, Webmaster
Sil Bonestroo
Co-Founder, Secretary
Anna Francis
Clarisse Beurrier
Business and Research Advisor


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We organise events such as conferences. Please view the events page to see upcoming events, and the news page for past events.